Yup, we send out a survey after each meeting. It’s 100% voluntary and 100% anonymous. Here is what attendees have said so far.

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Thanks so much for organizing this event. I went last night and loved the atmosphere of everyone is encouraging each other and makes others feel comfortable. I would like to definitely participate again.            

It’s a great idea to have a “new speakers” program for people in the research field, because I think a lot of QRCs assume that we know how to do public speaking, when in fact, many are not comfortable with it or very experienced at it.       

I think the club is an excellent idea and I look forward to attending the next meeting.

Great learning experience. what a nice initiative, looking forward to the next meet up!        I think the focus was a bit on lacking confidence but that didn’t seem to be the issue with most attendees. I do think the ones that are quiet should maybe helped to participate.

Love the idea of the club, big fan of the organizers and their work and views, really looking to get on stage as much as possible in research and tech fields but lacking confidence at this moment.”   

A good opportunity to meet other Market Researchers, perhaps at similar stages of their careers.

Friendly, outgoing, inspirational and helpful Chairlady

Met some lovely people and felt supported while I spoke.

The event was a GREAT first step to conquering the fear that myself and many have with public speaking.             The Chair did a wonderful job leading and getting others to open up and share. Nothing was forced but instead strongly encouraged. The group was open, encouraging and made it easy to share and begin to take baby steps and make progress with the challenging task of public speaking. I was a “guest” at the event since I’m not local to the NYC area but would welcome attending any in the Atlanta area.

I enjoyed the activities that we did. The atmosphere was also very enjoy
able, inviting, and engaging. Looking forward to the next meetin

It’s a wonderful meet up to learn and share on the good/bad points of public speaking. Everyone has their part to play and it’s a win win for all attendees.

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