IIeX ConferenceNow a regular session at IIeX NA, I’m delighted to introduce you to the speakers taking part in the New Speaker Track!  These folks have never spoken at a conference before so let’s give them a hearty hello and welcome!

Today we meet Arundati Dandapani, GRIT Future List 2019 Honoree, and creator of Generation1.ca. Find Arundati on LinkedIn.

  • Why have you never spoken at a conference before? Not enough speaking opportunities exist to cater to a diverse-skilled industry or workforce. Add to that, the costs to attend / travel and stay were always prohibitive. I do wish more grants or funds existed to facilitate more such opportunities for professionals in different stages of their career, whether they have spoken before or not, and in every market.
  • Why did you decide to speak at IIeX Austin? Featuring first on the GRIT Future List 2019 (and also becoming an ESOMAR YES award finalist for LATAM APAC 2019) really got me excited about this new platform. And to find incredible global industry experts (especially Annie Pettit, Lenny Murphy, Chris Wiggins among others) and highly encouraging organizations like research strategy group and Vividata, who innovatively offered resources to make the IIeX presentation more accessible, was very humbling! The event itself is hugely thrilling, and the opportunity to convey my thoughts and vision to a large Texan (and beyond!) audience in meaningful ways is a dream I can’t wait to achieve. And then I will have something to tell all my friends and colleagues too.
  • What is your advice to people who have never spoken at an event before? It is excitement, fear and nerves all the way! I may not have more useful advice until after my presentation succeeds. I get the impression that high motivation matters (a lot).
  • What are you looking forward to the most about IIeX Austin? Connecting with as many possible people at as many possible sessions and trying to use every moment to spark more business and social value. I am hopeful of gaining contact with more professionals who will fit in my frame of doing business together.
  • What do you hope to learn from this event? A lot! I am eager to be able to apply all those learnings quickly.

Arundati Dandapani, CMRP, created Generation1.ca as a media innovation and blogging platform for newcomer visible minority women in business. She is a regular contributor for the Green Blook Blog, a GRIT Future List 2019 Honoree, and has served Canada’s former Marketing Research and Intelligence Association in multiple roles for events, publications, bridging the gap for newcomers to the industry, as well as creating social media content for its many committees. She remains active in data and cannabis networking groups and has worked with research strategy group, Corus Entertainment, and University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management, among other clients and brands in Canada. Arundati holds the CMRP designation, and has completed a post-graduate research program at Algonquin College (Ottawa), a BA in English from Wittenberg University (USA) and an MLitt in Publishing from the University of Stirling (UK).

 ( 20 min )
Track 4: Cannabis Conquests: Accelerating the 21 st Century Culture Wars

With the legalization of cannabis in many parts of North America, consumers expect a lot from cannabis companies medically and recreationally. But are companies meeting these expectations quickly enough? How are companies marketing cannabis when research is still in its early stages and an abundance of misinformation confuses consumers? Learn about the key challenges of marketing cannabis in uncertain times with a focus on sustainability, behaviour change (cognitive biases), cultural shifts, environmental threats, and unequal global cannabis. And look through the lens of three exciting research methodologies at what the current state of cannabis reveals about our culture today and tomorrow.