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Now a regular session at IIeX NA, I’m delighted to introduce you to the speakers taking part in the New Speaker Track!  These folks have never spoken at a conference before so let’s give them a hearty hello and welcome!

Today we meet Ana Galindo, Vice President of Marketing at VANTEDGE. Find Ana on LinkedIn.

  1. Why have you never spoken at a conference before?   I have been invited to speak at conferences that required travel and at that time, the company I was working for did not have a budget for travel. Also, that company only let directors and above speak at conferences and I was just a Sr. Manager.
  2. What tip have you received that was most helpful in preparing to be a speaker?  Toastmasters has always given me the best advice and training. One that I abide by is to start with an attention getter rather than a “hello my name is…”
  3. What would you say/recommend to other people who have never spoken at a conference before?  Just go for it!  It is time to put yourself to the challenge! If not now, when?
  4. Why do you want to speak at IIeX? The format of short, focused topics makes on innovation in research makes speaking at IIeX very compelling / hard to resist.
  5. What are you most looking forward to about IIeX? Listening to other speakers, learning new solutions, and making new connections.

Ana Galindo
Over the past 20 years, Ana has set herself apart as an innovative leader at UPS, Home Depot, Walmart and Kodak. Her experience as a senior analyst, insights director, and global strategist uniquely positions her to lead VANTEDGE’s Marketing Insights & Strategy team. She grew up in Mexico City and feels a strong responsibility to address multicultural realities. Her extensive understanding of our industry allows her to act as a partner in helping our clients achieve their goals.

Doubling the ‘R’ in VR – Using Virtual Reality to Make Marketing Research an Engaging Experience
12:00pm – 12:20pm Jun 11
Analysts are projecting head mounted devices, virtual reality accessories, and VR content to be a $21 billion industry by 2020. By next year, there will be more VR users in the world than people in the United States. Clearly, people are ready to take advantage of VR and embrace its many benefits. Join us to learn how VR is being used to uncover real-time insights on spatial and prototype concept testing faster and for much less than previously possible. Whether you’re designing new venue/retail layouts, new CPG/FMCG products, or new cars, learn how VR will benefit your research processes.