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Once again, I’m delighted that IIeX Europe is running a New Speakers Track featuring people who have never spoken at a conference before. Leading up to the conference, we’re introducing some of the speakers and hearing what they have to say about this opportunity!

Today we meet Maurice Gonzenbach, the Co-Founder of Caplena GmbH. Maurice brings together an IT background, focused on Machine Learning techniques for language and image problems, with hands-on entrepreneurial and consulting experience.
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  1. Why did you decide to speak at IIeX Europe? I’m a techie by training but recently I have worked more and more on software tailored to market research professionals. Speaking at IIeX is a great opportunity to share my ideas on how core processes of market research like survey analysis could be done in the future. I will hopefully be able to challenge the audience with ideas but expect them to do the same with me. Finally, we of course also want to show people things we created, like codit.co, our platform for coding surveys using AI.
  2. What are you looking forward to the most about IIeX Europe? Being a young start-up and relatively new to the industry, I’m very excited to meet industry veterans as well as other newcomers to learn more about the challenges they are facing and ideas they are pursuing. I hope to go home with dozens of new connections, a few new friendships, and of course many new collaborations 🙂
  3. What is the most intriguing thing you will discuss in your IIeX talk? I’ll try to challenge some views of mainstream media on AI and the seemingly imminent coming of general AI. In my opinion, for many years to come, companies employing this technology successfully will rely on tailored AI.
  4. What do you hope to learn from this event? We have dozens of ideas on how to improve things or do them differently. But as John Salvatier nicely illustrated in his blog, “reality has a surprising amount of detail”. Together with senior industry experts we want to figure out those details and explore approaches to improve things in ways that these details are taken care of.

Real Data has Curves: Why You Should Train Your Own AI
11:20am – 11:40am Feb 19
We will show on real data why it is often necessary to build your own AI instead of relying on a general purpose solution from big tech companies. Participants will experience live 3D-visualizations of state-of-the art machine learning techniques which they can explore themselves. Finally, we will show interactively how to train your very own AI to code a survey.
– One-fits-all-solution actually fits no-one (real data has curves)
– Interactive visualizations
– Building custom AI that beats the general Google API in your domain isn’t (that) hard