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Image result for gofundme logoHow much did it cost you to attend the last conference you went to?

For most people, the answer to this question is not $1000 or $1500. The answer is $0. Your company sponsored your attendance so that you would learn a lot and bring back inspiration and knowledge for your colleagues.

For other people, however, that money can only come out of their own pocket. When you work for a non-profit, social service, government department, or if you took the plunge and are currently struggling with debt after starting your own company, the only way to attend a conference is to fork out the money yourself.

The huge cost is prohibitive for many people and is a major reason why we don’t see greater diversity on stage.

If speaker diversity matters to you, and you can spare a dime, please visit this GoFundMe and help a brand new speaker.

We have a potential speaker right now who would really appreciate the funding to be able to share their unique story as a conference speaker for the very first time.

Please help make it happen!

Image result for gofundme logo