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At a Greenbook #IIeX event I chaired recently, a speaker was really tight for cash. She had a great talk prepared, she was ready to take the stage for the very first time, and she has an awesome future ahead of her as a speaker. But since she didn’t work for a private company and she was wasn’t made of money herself, she needed a boost of cash or she would end up in debt making it happen. 

I took to gofundme, shared the request with my network, and got a lot of help from very kind people. Enough to give this new speaker a bit of a safety net and enough that I still have some cash. 

With that in mind, I have two objectives. 

  1. If you would like to help more new speakers get on stage, please donate here. 
  2. If you are in need of cash, read through my criteria below, and see if you qualify. If you do qualify, I expect you have the initiative to figure out how to send me your information. 

The Criteria To Recieve Cash

  • I must be able to personally verify all of the details I request from you
  • I must be able to connect with you on LinkedIn and see that you are legit. References from people I know would be helpful but absolutely not necessary. 
  • You must have received an acceptance to speak at a market researchconference 
  • It must be for the first talk you have ever given at a conference 
  • You must demonstrate how you speaking at the conference increases the diversity of speakers at that conference
  • You must tell me all of your sources of funding for the conference, including who your employer is and how much your employer is contributing 

Other Items of Note

  • I will not respond to any queries other than to tell the people who are successful
  • If you are successful, you must agree to being publicly named as a recipient.  (The donors deserve to know.)
  • I will not fund anyone completely. You will still be responsible for a large portion of your costs. 
  • My decisions are 100% subjective, final, and nonnegotiable.
  • Probably some other rules that didn’t occur to me along the way. See my note re 100% subjective  

Yes, this sounds like a lot of rigmarole but people are donating their hard earned money to help deserving, undersupported people and I need to make sure their money is well spent. 

Thank you for supporting diversity!