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As we gear up for the June 2017 edition of the IIeX conference, let’s take a few minutes to get to know Keri Vermaak from Infotools. She has worked internationally in the research industry for nearly 20 years in both agency and client-side roles. This will be her first time speaking at a conference!

Why have you never spoken at a conference before?

In the past, it’s been easy to be in a support role at IIeX while members of our senior team presented. Time to get out from behind the table! My colleague took the bold step to speak at the IIeX in Amsterdam. That gave me a vision for trying it myself. What a hero (thanks Saida Isamova for leading the way)!
Why are you looking forward to speaking at IIeX?

Can I tell you after I’ve done it? Seriously! Actually, my hope would be to get off the stage and have a few meaningful conversations. Knowing that I connected on a topic that’s relevant for others would be a terrific ‘win’.

What worries your about speaking at IIeX?

I’m mainly concerned that my own perspective doesn’t offer enough ‘innovation’ given the esteemed audience. Of course, passing out on the stage is another worry! (I have blacked out before so if I wear a padded helmet, I won’t be laughed at, right?)

What is the most intriguing thing you will discuss in your IIeXtalk?

That there is much to gain from experimenting with unleashing data from organizational siloes and that there is always the option of ‘not doing research at all’.. and that should put a chill up a few spines!

What are you most looking forward to by attending IIeX?

This will be my 4th year attending IIeX in Atlanta and many of the innovations put forward in the conference are always so memorable. I like that this conference broadens my perspective for what is possible in our discipline. It’s easy to get myopic: my company, our clients, these projects, etc. In reality, people are doing innovative things in many areas!

Please join Keri at her session!

Sid, the neighbor kid in Toy Story, cobbled together creepy, mutant toys that functioned, but didn’t look quite right as they were created from mismatched parts. These misshapen outcomes can be likened to the effect of siloes within the market research process, leaving us orphaned data that we try to piece back together into a cohesive whole. So how do we overcome the inefficient, long-standing compartmentalization of steps – obtaining data, collecting data, organizing data and creating /visualizations from that data? Although our industry has been historically slow to disrupt and innovate, adopting new technology can create more impactful outcomes and save time, our most valuable commodity. By taking lessons from other industries and experts within our own, we can start to optimize the process by efficiently wielding the technological advancements that are now available to us – hyper-personalization, automation, machine learning and much more. With the right innovations inside the sandbox, our data can start playing nice in order to take successful action.

-Explore traditional inefficiencies in the market research playground and the risks to quality and outcomes.

-Find out how to wield new technologies and innovations to help data “play nice” for better actions, more quickly.

-Discover how new technology adoption can create a more nimble, proactive market research program.

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