logo_eu2017 IIeX is all about what’s new in the world of marketing insights and it is being held 20-21 February in Amsterdam. Click here to register and use the code “CHAIR20” to get a 20% discount of your registration. Who doesn’t love a discount!

This year, IIeX has a special track lined up featuring researchers who have never spoken at a conference before. With fresh ideas, cool technologies, and an eagerness to make this the first of many more great presentations, these new speakers are sure to please.

speaker photoBreakthrough Implicit Research Technique – Unspoken
Sophie Zimmermann, Research Manager, SKIM
12:00pm – 12:20pm Feb 20

The world around us is changing rapidly, and the market research industry will have to adjust accordingly. Key industry trends are the need for speed, the growing proliferation of mobile, and bridging rational and emotional drivers.

We developed a few new innovative approaches that had to fit with the criteria outlined above: they are practical, fast, leverage intuitive mobile techniques and rely on both rational and emotional processes, allowing us to more accurately capture actual consumer decision making behavior. In this presentation we will show you three of these new innovative mobile techniques.