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logo_eu2017IIeX is all about what’s new in the world of marketing insights and it is being held 20-21 February in Amsterdam. Click here to register and use the code “CHAIR20” to get a 20% discount of your registration. Who doesn’t love a discount!

This year, IIeX has a special track lined up featuring researchers who have never spoken at a conference before. With fresh ideas, cool technologies, and an eagerness to make this the first of many more great presentations, these new speakers are sure to please.

speaker photoCognitive Semiotics: Where Behavioural Science Meets Artistic Interpretation

12:20pm – 12:40pm Feb 20
 Tom Sil Cheung Cantle
Senior Research Manager, Irrational Agency

Behavioural science has made significant inroads into market research in recent years and has been adopted by both qualitative and quantitative practitioners. In qualitative research, these innovations have so far mainly been limited to an ad hoc integration of behavioural economics concepts such as biases and heuristics into the analysis stage.

A new academic discipline pioneered in practice by the Irrational Agency, cognitive semiotics uncovers the mental architecture of meaning that underpins consumers’ unconscious thoughts. The method uses thematic analysis to interpret and decode communication artefacts such as advertising, packaging or product design as well as the cultural codes conveying the story a brand or product wants to tell. Combining the well-established theory from the study of semiotics with experimental evidence from cognitive psychology, design psychology and sensory marketing theory unlocks new and deeper levels of consumer understanding.

This talk will show delegates how to:
– Understand cognitive semiotics
– Integrate behavioural science with semiotics
– Apply the ideas through using practical examples of how cognitive semiotics can be used in advertising as well as product and packaging design

1) Why did you submit to IIeX Europe?
I submitted to IIeX Europe because my manager, Elina Halonen, had many positive things to say about the conference and the interesting topics discussed there. On finding out about the content of past conferences, as well as seeing the calibre of delegates the conference attracts, it was a very easy decision to apply to speak.
2) What will you speak about and why should people attend your session?
It’ll be a really engaging and intellectually stimulating session, in which I will be speaking about cognitive semiotics, and all about how we have translated the emerging, transdisciplinary academic theory behind it into practice for commercial research. It’s a really exciting new way of looking at semiotics because of the synergies we have identified, and the approach we have developed, through combining semiotic theory and our agency’s deep knowledge of behavioural science (involving, as it does, cognitive, behavioural and evolutionary psychology to name just three of the disciplines that form “behavioural science”).
I’ll be providing an outline of what cognitive semiotics is, how our approach works, plus providing some examples (perhaps interactively) to show how this works.
3) Why have you never spoken at a conference before?
I was never given the opportunity at previous roles.
4) How are you feeling about presenting for the first time? Excited? Scared?
A mixture of the two! I think I will feel it more nearer the time
5) What are you most looking forward to about IIeX Europe?
I think speaking and then hearing people’s reactions – as it’s my first time, it’s all about that for me.