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logo_eu2017IIeX is all about what’s new in the world of marketing insights and it is being held 20-21 February in Amsterdam. Click here to register and use the code “CHAIR20” to get a 20% discount of your registration. Who doesn’t love a discount!

This year, IIeX has a special track lined up featuring researchers who have never spoken at a conference before. With fresh ideas, cool technologies, and an eagerness to make this the first of many more great presentations, these new speakers are sure to please.

speaker photoRiver-sampling is back… and it’s mobile!
Gabrielle Flinn, Mobile Survey Scientist, Qriously
11:40am – 12:00pm Feb 21

Fifteen years after their widespread adoption, panel-based online research faces growing criticism from clients (unrepresentative panelists, lack of honesty, scale issues, falling answer rates….). Panel-based research is more disconnected than ever from the way consumers are really willing to share their opinions. The goose that laid the golden eggs seems to be dying. As the recent polling failures outline (Brexit, Trump, French Primaries), telephone polls are not doing any better. Adding a “mobile” component (calling mobile phone or have a mobile-only sub-panel) is not helping much. The future might actually lie in mobile river sampling, especially when done in-app and at scale by leveraging the existing mobile ad-tech infrastructure.

As the pioneer of mobile programmatic sampling, Qriously will explain how it works, why it is the next big thing and go through some quick case studies demonstrating how reliable it is.

1) Why did you submit to IIeX Europe?
We submitted because we believe that we’ve found a new and exciting way of conducting market research, and we want to share our methods and findings with the wider research community. Our belief is that traditional market research is struggling, suffering from declining participation rates and panellists who no longer represent a wider population. Qriously’s river sampling methodology aims to change this, and give everyone a chance to be included in market research and political polling.
2) What will you speak about and why should people attend your session?
I’ll be speaking about the technology and methods that have allowed us to successfully predict Brexit, Trump’s victory in key rust-belt states and (very recently) the results of the Italian constitutional referendum! I’ll mostly be speaking to our political polling work, but of course our tech can be used for traditional market research as well (and we operate in that space most of the time). I’ll be presenting some case studies and talking about our plans for the future, including the upcoming French and Dutch elections!
3) Why have you never spoken at a conference before?
I’ve never spoken before because I haven’t had the opportunity – I’ve been to ESOMAR and a few other events but always as an attendee, not a speaker or panelist. Am looking forward to this one!!
4) How are you feeling about presenting for the first time? Excited? Scared?
Mostly excited with a small helping of nerves. I’m sure the balance will shift in the opposite direction as the date draws nearer! 😉
5) What are you most looking forward to about IIeX Europe?
I’ve never been to IleX before, so I’m excited to see what the conference has to offer and listen to all the amazing speakers. I’ve also never been to Amsterdam, so it’ll be a great opportunity to explore the city – my partner will be joining me after the conference and we’ll go on a bit of a tour!
6) Any other comments you’d like to share?
Just wanted to thank IleX for the opportunity to speak, and also to say how great this initiative is. If you’re young or new to speaking – or new to an industry – it can be really difficult to get invited to talk. There’s always someone older, more experienced or more charismatic to take the stage (especially at big companies). It’s really nice to have an opportunity to speak in an environment where all the other speakers are also new – less pressure and more support from a friendly audience. It’s a really cool idea and I can’t wait to get involved.