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logo_eu2017IIeX is all about what’s new in the world of marketing insights and it is being held 20-21 February in Amsterdam. Click here to register and use the code “CHAIR20” to get a 20% discount of your registration. Who doesn’t love a discount!

This year, IIeX has a special track lined up featuring researchers who have never spoken at a conference before. With fresh ideas, cool technologies, and an eagerness to make this the first of many more great presentations, these new speakers are sure to please.

speaker photoVirtual Reality gives Business People Super Powers
Lily Snyder, Chief Operating Officer, Doghead Simulations
10:40am – 11:00am Feb 21

Business people are tied down and made less efficient with the amount of different technology and tools needed to communicate. Virtual Reality is the solution, minimizing barriers to communication and enhancing human collaboration in a distributed, globalized business world.

– We are successful when we can collaborate and communicate around a problem.

– Tech/business teams today are distributed all around the world, making collaborating expensive and technically frustrating.

– Virtual reality is the tool that is key to distributed team collaboration, bringing solving problems and creating solutions to the next level.

1) Why did you submit to IIeX Europe? I submitted to speak at IIeX Europe because I thought that being part of a virtual reality startup would bring the type of innovative thinking that IIeX was looking for in their speakers. I submitted to talk because I wanted to share my knowledge and learn what others are doing to innovate in the industry.
2) What will you speak about and why should people attend your session? I will be speaking about virtual reality gives business people super powers. People should attend my session to learn about how virtual reality can enhance the business meeting experience. Not only can VR teleport team members into the same meeting room from across the globe, but it can provide insights into team members behaviors which can be used to create successful projects.
3) Why have you never spoken at a conference before? I have not spoken at a conference before but it always seemed like such a great experience. I look forward to speaking at IIeX because it seems like it will be a great crowd with fun energy.
4) How are you feeling about presenting for the first time? Excited? Scared? I am excited! I think I’m still on a high for being chosen to speak in the first place. Everyone has been so helpful so far in preparing to speak. I think it is going to be great.
5) What are you most looking forward to about IIeX Europe? I am most looking forward to listening to other speakers, hear what innovation is coming our way and how to apply that to my business, and hopefully make some good friends.