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Next February, at the IIeX Europe 2017 conference in Amsterdam, there will be an entire track devoted to brand new speakers – people who have never spoken at a conference before. I am delighted to be leading this track by finding budding speakers and supporting them in any way possible.

As part of that endeavour, local Chairs of the New Research Speakers Club have stepped up to serve as mentors. May I introduce you once again to Shannon Danzy, Kerry Hecht Labsuirs, Edward Appleton, Reineke Reitsma, Jaceey Sebastian, and Zontziry Johnson. These lovely people will be helping our new speakers before the conference begins, perhaps by helping them fine tune their topics or pace their talks. And, they’ll be helping them deal with the speaking jitters that every speaker has to overcome every single time they speak.

Look at these happy faces! If these faces don’t make you want to submit a proposal, I don’t know what will!

If you’ve never spoken at a conference before, please submit for this track. Choose any topic that touches market research like biometrics, neuroscience, eye-tracking, AI, and IoT or any traditional quant and qual methods.


If you HAVE spoken at a conference before, you can still help. First, you can march right over to the junior researchers in your office and help them fill out a submission form. And second, since junior researchers don’t always have the financial resources for travel expenses, you can support them through a sponsorship. Email anniepettit at gmail dot com to find out how you can donate.

Now go submit!