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Bonjourfay-hinkson Montreal!

I’m happy to introduce Fay, our chair of the Montreal chapter of the New Research Speakers Club!

Fay is an experienced researcher who draws insight from market research, statistical modelling, business intelligence and macro-economic analysis. She has  designed and led quantitative and qualitative research projects for b-to-b and b-to-c in a variety of industries.

AND, Fay is fluently bilingual in English and French and with a good command of Spanish. You will be able to practice speaking in any of these languages as you wish!

Please click on this Eventbrite link to register for Fay’s Montreal events. Please register even if you can’t attend so we can gauge interest in this location. Just register as “interested but unable to attend’. (Actually, you can register for EVERY location at this link. Go ahead! Do it! I dare you!  🙂  )

We look forward to seeing you there!