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From one call of drastic change that is Brexit, to a small group of people who are trying to implement their own somewhat drastic but positive change; I am writing this on Friday morning about how the New Research Speakers Club went last night in this this blog post almost seems unimportant with what is going on today.

But I think not. Let’s re-look at the philosophy behind the New Research Speakers Club; that there is a call for diversity and equality on the research stage, and that those who are deemed as ‘leaders’ in our industry, help raise those up the ladder who are not there (yet). The philosophy for the club is indeed, that we are ‘better together’.

So how did the London Chapter go last night? Really great and better than expected!

Many delegates were not able to make it for two main reasons; wanted to do their civic duty and vote so largely did that after working hours, and the nearest station to the venue had issues with flooding due to a huge amount of rainfall (this is England, so no surprises there!).

But we did have 7 people attend, and all from very different backgrounds, and involved in MR in vastly different ways. What I loved about this group was that it was, in itself, diverse; people who were born in other countries, equal in gender split, and a range of ages. This just goes to show that if you are lookingto balance the scales on the research stage, it is so easy to do so.

So what did we do?

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