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Are you eager to take the plunge and give your first talk at a research conference? Are you feeling not quite ready for such a big audience yet? Well, this is for you!

Taking the mantra of “be the change you want to see,” I am starting a speakers group in Toronto. This group will be comprised of NEW speakers only, people who want to practice speaking about research to other researchers.  Along the lines of an “open jam,” the plan is to meet for one hour every couple of months. Anyone who has never spoken at a conference is welcome to come. Anyone who wants to practice speaking by sharing a talk of one to fifteen minutes can take the stage (rather, the front of a boardroom) and give their talk. First come, first serve, no proposals. It will be the most stress free talk you’ve ever given as everyone in the room will know how you feel.  

On occasion, we’ll use the time to talk about how to write a good proposal or how to prep to get on stage. We might even have guest speaker nights where experienced speakers come to offer advice and critique.

June 23rd at 6pm will be our first meeting.  We’ll meet in downtown Toronto though I don’t know exactly where yet.  Please use the sign-up form to let me know you’re coming and whether you’d like to give a talk. This will help me find an appropriate meeting space.    

I really hope to see you there. Please bring a colleague. The more, the merrier!